HIFraser has partnered with DRASS SRL for the design and supply of DNV certified components.

These components fit into complex diving systems including submarine escape rescue and abandonment.

Drass has designed and manufactured a specialist submarine escape and rescue hyperbaric system that fits inside the size constraints of a 40ft ISO container. The system can take 12 personnel at a time and once installed can be joined with other like systems to create a modular solution. The hyperbaric chamber is fitted with black box recording, fire detection and fighting and deluge system. The system also has a complete integrated hyperbaric environmental control system in the same container.

The strength of the submarine escape and rescue system is that it is modular, air transportable and flexible enough to enable response to a number of situations.

Drass has also designed and built a specialist submarine escape and rescue submarine complete with launch and recovery system. The rescue submarine has a working depth of 300m and is designed to carry 12 persons at a time.


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