HIFraser supplies portable charging units to commercial and military airline customers for ground support of all types of aircraft.

Features include:

  • Light weight design
  • Single or dual pressure outlets
  • Accurate pressure control
  • Over pressure protection
  • Charge pressure indication
  • Hose vent feature
  • On-board filtration
  • 5m hose with a range of accessories
  • Carried or wheeled units

General specification:

  • Cylinder charge pressure: 280 barg
  • Design pressure: 350 barg
  • Cylinder capacity: 6.8 litres (water capacity), 1800 litre (gas at STP)
  • Outlet pressure ranges from 0-2 barg to 0-276 barg
  • Temperature range: -34 to 60o

As the Australian in-country partner for Hale Hamilton, HIFraser supplies Hale Hamilton PCU’s.

Product suppliers:


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