Using only 0.4 litres per flush, our fully self contained and space efficient Evac vacuum rail toilets are in use in heritage, public transport, interstate and luxury sleeper fleets across Australia.  Designed and built in Germany, Evac vacuum rail toilets are also chosen by the majority of fleet owners worldwide including across China, India, Europe, UK and the US.

We are able to supply individual toilets to fit to your own module or to retrofit to existing toilet facilities or alternatively we can provide fully automated modules with automatic doors, lighting, sinks, dryers, tables, fans and holding tanks and including control systems with network interfacing.

The vacuum toilets themselves require connections to a 24V power supply, fresh water, LP air and discharge piping to a holding tank. All operating components are plug and play and we stock these components in our Perth facility. We also provide maintenance services on the toilets and can advise on engineering details of your specific installations

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