Most sewage systems are a sizable investment. We understand this, that’s why we offer premium vacuum pipe cleaning services.

We specialise in cleaning and maintaining all vacuum pipe work systems. Our PiranhaVac Premium Pipe Cleaning Service offers a unique and highly effective way of cleaning any ship, yacht or land based vacuum sewerage and drainage system’s pipe work.

Our services extend throughout Australia and the Oceania region and cleaning can be conducted at any time while the system remains fully operational.

Benefits for maintaining clear vacuum pipe work:

  • Greatly improves the performance of the vacuum sewage system
  • Considerably reduces the possibility of vacuum pipe work blockages and lost time incurred with staff clearing blocked pipework
  • Greatly reduces power consumption of the vacuum pumps
  • Proven increase in customer satisfaction in providing greatly reduced downtime of individual vacuum toilets.

Benefits specifically associated with the PiranhaVac:

The PiranhaVac method of cleaning is currently the preferred method on many small and large cruise ships, oil rigs, British and Royal Australian Navy vessels as well as numerous private yachts.

We believe it is the best available technology and method for pipe cleaning. It has the added benefit of eliminating all WHS issues that usually arise while using conventional methods.

And our customers think so, too:

“Sailing yacht Ethereal had been experiencing a lack of performance in our black water system. H.I.Fraser resolved the problem within hours using the PiranhaVac injection dosing unit resulting in no disruption to the daily operational requirements onboard the yacht.”

Lance D.
Chief Engineer SY Ethereal

“The Spirit of Tasmania ships vacuum toilet systems were seriously affected by uric acid build up resulting in blockages, inconvenience to passengers and disruption to the hotel operations. H.I.Fraser carried out PiranhaVac cleaning of the vacuum sewage systems on the vessels during normal voyage operation without disruption to any of the cabin services. I can recommend this equipment and service to all ship operators having vacuum sewage systems”.

Ian H.
Engineer Superintendent TT-Line Company

PiranhaVac technology provides the following benefits:

  • All toilets remain in working order and cleaning can be conducted while the system remains fully operational and with a full complement of crew during normal operations, if required
  • No unsightly flushing hoses around required
  • Unit is small, mobile and easy to set up
  • Does not require constant monitoring
  • No risk of leaks or spillages due to pipe work being under vacuum
  • No power leads – unit incorporates its own battery power
  • Small amounts of advanced cleaning agent are required and are usually diluted before reaching the vacuum plant
  • Not detrimental to the biological process of installed treatment plants.

 Leave it to the trained experts

There is no DIY solution to cleaning your sewerage system. There are currently several expensive products in the market that claim to clear your pipes.

In our ongoing experience, this is a short term solution and only slows the inevitable build-up that occurs with all vacuum sewerage systems.