HIFraser utilises both partner supplied and in-house manufactured components to create diving panels and systems.

At HIFraser, we design and manufacture bespoke solutions to the specific diving system requirements conforming to Australian and International standards and best practices.

We have extensive experience in providing completely new diving systems, interfacing new diving panels into existing diving systems and upgrading existing diving systems.

Working to the highest standards, HIFraser is recognised as a leader in the field of Hyperbaric engineering and has been a trusted engineering service provider to Defence for decades.

Our diving panels are assembled by specialist technicians in ISO certified cleanrooms suitable for oxygen and breathing air components. All interconnecting components of the diving systems are also cleaned and protected prior to assembly on site.

Verification and validation of completed diving panels and systems is conducted on site post installation. Full traceability is provided for the components of the systems.

We design, manufacture, system integrate, test and maintain bespoke diving systems including:

  • Built In Breathing System (BIBS) panels supplying recompression chamber with various treatment gases
  • Semi-portable Diving Gas Systems
  • Deployable Diving Gas Systems
  • SSBA Diving Gas Panels
  • HP Breathing Air Distribution Panels
  • Diving Cylinder Charging Panels
  • Gas Boosting Systems

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