We are the Australia-wide exclusive agent for EVAC waste solutions.

Our team designs and installs custom food waste vacuum systems. Our technical support team also provide ongoing maintenance services.

EVAC’s vacuum food waste collection system conveys food waste efficiently with a single feeding station having the ability to process up to 700 kg of food waste an hour. These systems consist of three main units including macerator feeding stations, vacuum units and food waste tanks. Due to the systems vacuum technology, it is possible to use piping with a small diameter allowing significant design flexibility.

Food waste is macerated in the galley area of a ship or within a restaurant kitchen. From here a small amount of water is added to create slurry, which is then collected in the food waste tank for disposal. These systems significantly reduce the weight of general rubbish collections leading to decreased waste levies.

Benefits of EVAC food waste management systems include:

  • Low water consumption
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Ease of operation
  • Easy to clean
  • No pipe leakage risk
  • Flexible layout options due to smaller diameter piping
  • Compact, skid-mounted system
  • Automatic, safe operation
  • Continuous real-time information on holding tank level
  • Removing food waste from landfill and reducing methane emissions
  • Reducing waste levies
  • Avenues for composting food waste

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