We understand system integration, systems engineering and technical risk management.

The benefits gained from adopting a systems engineering approach include a reduction in lifecycle cost, avoidance of changes in the medium and longer term, optimal system performance, satisfaction of user requirements and the mitigation of technical risks associated with the project.

Our knowledge of the systems engineering process, in combination with our capabilities as system integrators and constructors, enhances our design, logistic support, technical investigation and auditing services. This is achieved through our deeper understanding based on real world, hands-on experience of the interrelationships between the various elements of a project.

HIFraser’s Engineering Consulting group provides Technical Risk Management services in compliance with AS/NZS ISO 31000, ABR 6303, ABR 6492 and TRAMM.

HIFraser’s systems engineering services include:

  • Systems engineering management planning
  • Technical risk management
  • Integration and interface management
  • Engineering reviews and audits
  • Test, trial and evaluation
  • Configuration management
  • Requirements breakdown structures
  • Work breakdown structures

HIFraser is a CASSS (formerly DMOSS) panel member in the discipline of Risk Management.

HIFraser’s Engineering Consulting group meets the Navy Technical Regulatory Management System requirements for an Authorised Engineering Organisation and is a Design Acceptance Representative for RAN Hyperbaric Systems. This is augmented by Engineers Australia Member Engineers (MIEAust) and Chartered Technologists (CEngT); and Project Managers (RegPM) registered with the Australian Institute of Project Managers.

Our technical risk management services include:

  • Identification, analysis, evaluation, mitigation, communication and monitoring of technical risks
  • Navy safety cases conducted in accordance with ABR 6303 and MIL-STD-882
  • Development, management and evaluation of risk mitigation strategies
  • Preparation of risk management plans
  • Safety hazards analysis
  • Technical risk assessments (with qualitative and/or quantitative assessments of hazard likelihoods)

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