Vacuum drainage and sewerage systems is the key capability of our Environmental Solutions Department.

The team at HIFraser Environmental Solutions have a thorough understanding of vacuum systems, through our partnerships with world leading suppliers EVAC and ISEKI-Redivac, and by designing to current Australian Standards can assist project consultants in developing design solutions within the project scope. We provide services to all building, marine and municipal sectors throughout Australia and the Oceania region.

Our team can work with you to recognise where vacuum will add value and provide smart solutions for your projects. Together with our international partner EVAC, HIFraser has access to over 60 years of collective, worldwide experience in vacuum toilets and vacuum collection systems. We know how to make the collection of wastewater and condensates both environmentally sustainable and economically efficient.

We design and supply vacuum systems across all building sectors including:

  • High rise office buildings
  • Shopping centres
  • Supermarkets
  • Convention centres
  • Commercial fitouts
  • Public buildings, historic and heritage listed sites
  • Railway stations
  • Airports
  • Schools
  • Universities
  • Medical centres
  • Prisons
  • Green Star, LEED and net-positive water usage projects


HIFraser has supplied a number of municipal vacuum sewerage systems to developments around Australia. Some of these have been operating for over 20 years. These installations vary from hotels retrofitted into historic finger wharves, through to large housing estates built on ground with a high water table and even industrial estates built on reclaimed land at port facilities.

Many of these installations would not have been possible without vacuum solutions as traditional trenching was not possible or was cost prohibitive or local conditions meant the consequences of sewerage leaks were too significant. Vacuum systems supplied by HIFraser replace gravity mains and transport waste water at high velocity in the vacuum piping high velocity air, so the piping can be run in shallow trenches parallel to the ground surface or where necessary above ground. It is possible to move sewage uphill and around obstacles giving great freedom for designers and builders.

At HIFraser, we provide design, product and maintenance services based on ISEKI-Redivac municipal vacuum sewage systems to the Australian market. ISEKI-Redivac has been providing these systems to customers around the world for over 25 years and have an excellent reputation for service and quality.

We can provide system design, backed 100% by ISEKI-Redivac, system review, system maintenance and of course all the specialist products required to build a municipal vacuum system. We stock all the parts required to maintain a system in our Perth and Sydney facilities and have technicians available to help on site when needed. We can also provide mixed vacuum systems, where we use water saving EVAC vacuum toilets within a building, these vacuum toilets have a 1.2 litre flush, and then utilise ISEKI-Redivac chambers and valves to collect all other gravity waste water. All of these products operate from the same vacuum plant and main line piping.

When compared with traditional gravity systems, our vacuum drainage solutions provide:

  • Higher return on investment
  • Lower environmental impact
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Smaller diameter piping
  • Very low holding time in the piping
  • Self-cleaning piping due to the high velocities of waste water
  • No blockages caused by low gradient piping
  • In the event of cracked piping, the subsequent leak is only air from outside the pipe to inside resulting in no contamination

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