The production of green hydrogen will play an essential role in the decarbonisation of global industry.

In Australia and New Zealand, the potential applications for green hydrogen production are numerous and varied, ranging from use as stored renewable energy in industries such as mining and oil & gas to use as a carbon-free fuel for transport and defence

HIFraser has joined strengths with Elogen, a leader in PEM electrolysis to supply electrolysers in Australia and New Zealand.

As part of this collaboration, we locally assemble the balance-of-plant of Elogen’s state-of the-art electrolysers and adapt them to Australian standards with ongoing maintenance support after delivery.


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Some of the advantages of our solution:

  • Adapts to inherent intermittency of renewable energies
  • Capable of managing grid fluctuations
  • Modular design –easy maintenance, no handling of hazardous substances
  • Compact design
  • As well as providing a locally fabricate Electrolyser we also provide support staff to provide maintenance through the life of the Electrolyser
  • Stack Service Life>60,000hrs

We have experience providing bespoke designs, so we can provide an electrolyser based on our existing design or we can provide a custom solution.  HIFraser can also offer our customers on-going maintenance and support service.


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