A patented eco-friendly method of treating bio waste.

The system turns waste into inert fluff without the use of chemicals, combustion, microwaves, or pressure and doesn’t produce emissions.

Waste is reduced to sterilised dry waste for ready for landfill. Suitable for the treatment of hospital waste and the treatment of waste from international flights, this system removes the need for autoclaving or incineration.

The range of bio waste treatments solutions provided by HIFraser includes 6 models specifically tailor-made for bio waste or potentially infectious waste.

Thanks to the power and flexibility of these machines, all the type of waste coming from a sanitary structure can be treated including pricking and sharp objects, needles, disposable lancets, bandaging, diapers, gloves, catheters, syringes, probes, filters, food residue from infectious departments and residues of surgery.

These models guarantee the sterilisation of waste as part of the patented process based on the principle of moist heat sterilisation. Each cycle is automatically completed avoiding any contact with infected waste during the process.

Major benefits include:

  • Reduces waste volume by 80%
  • Reduce waste weight by 50%
  • Cycle not conducted under pressure
  • Flame free
  • No emissions
  • No civil works required

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