Leading Vacuum Sewer technology

Together with our international partners EVAC and ISEKI-Redivac, we have access to over 50 years of collective worldwide experience in vacuum toilets and vacuum drainage systems

We provide services throughout Australia and the Oceania region.

Up until two decades ago vacuum drainage and sewer technology was mainly used on aeroplanes, ships and trains. Now it has expanded to include all building, marine and municipal sectors. Today vacuum sewers are available for a wide range of applications in building, municipal, marine and rail sectors with superior return on investment, lower environmental impact and lower maintenance costs compared with traditional gravity systems.

Equipped with the best available vacuum sewer technology and offering a complete range of services from design, engineering and installation of new systems to maintenance, troubleshooting and through-life support of the existing systems, we know how to make vacuum waste collection solutions work for you.


The team at HIFraser work directly with major plumbing contractors, minor works and fit out contractors, building owners, facilities managers, engineers and hydraulic consultants to conduct maintenance services across all building sectors.

The scope of maintenance services we provide for existing vacuum systems includes:

  • Electrical and mechanical engineering support
  • Energy efficiency and sustainability assessments
  • Vacuum plant operational assessments
  • Vacuum integrity testing
  • Onsite assessments and audits as well as vacuum pipework inspections
  • Vacuum toilet and vacuum interfacing component testing
  • Upgrade of existing vacuum toilets and vacuum interfacing components to the latest technology available from EVAC
  • Assessment reports outlining required upgrades and improvements to return vacuum system efficiency

Our support team has extensive experience in identifying and eliminating symptoms of faulty vacuum drainage systems including water overflowing and/or backing up in sinks, overflowing, not flushing or continuously discharging/flushing vacuum toilets, very low vacuum or no vacuum availability.

As part of our ongoing effort to bring environmentally sustainable and economically efficient vacuum waste management solutions to the Australian market, we have actively participated within the Plumbing Products Industry Group and its Vacuum Drainage System Special Interest Group. This industry group, of which HIFraser is an active participant, is currently developing the Australian Standard for vacuum drainage systems within buildings for the benefit of the Australian Community.


For over 10 years, maintenance of municipal vacuum sewage systems has been one of our key capabilities. We can provide a complete range of services for system review, assessment and maintenance as well as supply all the specialist products and spare parts required to maintain a municipal vacuum sewer system. ISEKI-Redivac, our long term partner, have been providing these systems to customers around the world for over 25 years. We boast extensive ISEKI stock in our Perth and Sydney facilities and experienced technicians available to help onsite.

In addition, we provide maintenance services for the existing systems installed by third parties.

The team at HIFraser Environmental Solutions work across projects including:

  • Commercial buildings and offices
  • Shopping centres
  • Supermarkets
  • Sporting facilities
  • Train and bus stations
  • Airports
  • Schools
  • Universities
  • Medical centres
  • Correctional and prison facilities
  • Heritage listed sites
  • Existing building fitouts
  • Remote sites
  • Refurbishment of buildings and housing redevelopments
  • Refurbishment of buildings in river, lake and coastal communities
  • Stadium roof collection upgrades
  • Long buildings, wharves upgrades
  • Retrofit of sewage to old communities which are unsewered or have deficient gravity sewer systems.

Our technical team work to the following standards:

  • BS EN 12109-1999 Vacuum drainage systems inside buildings
  • AS 3500.2 Sanitary plumbing and drainage
  • NCC – National Construction Code (Building Code of Australia)
  • WSAA Vacuum Sewerage Code of Australia (WSA 06-2004)
  • AS4310:2004 – DN80 Piston Type Vacuum Interface Valves for Municipal Sewer Systems
  • SA TS 100:2015 Technical Specification for Vacuum WC pans and interface valves intended for use with vacuum drainage systems and designs

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