HIFraser operates a high level repair and overhaul department.

There is a certain peace of mind knowing that the equipment you have is working to the best of its ability. When that equipment is the difference between life and death, you want total reassurance. That’s where we come in. HIFraser operates a high level repair and overhaul department that includes clean room facilities (in both Sydney and Perth) to AS/NZ ISO 14644.1 Class 7.

HIFraser is a RAN approved hyperbaric repairer and our critical cleaning processes comply with ASTM G93 specifications. We can also conduct non-volatile residue testing and third party laboratory air sample analysis of your critical gas applications. For oxygen testing and development we have pneumatic test facilities to 60MPa and hydrostatic facilities to 230MPa.

HIFraser also holds a NSW Medical Gas license (Contractor license number 393783C) and can undertake licensed Medical Gasfitting and Medical Gas Technician work in accordance with NSW legislation.

Should you need to design, build and maintain a tailor made critical gas application, we are the Australian in country partners for a number of critical gas componentry OEMs with in-house capabilities.

Our facilities service:

  • Oxygen and breathing air
  • Diving gas systems
  • Life support systems
  • Other critical gas system equipment

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