HIFraser is a successful and professional engineering organisation with expertise in a number of fields:

  • High pressure pneumatic systems
  • Vacuum sewage systems
  • Marine waste treatment systems
  • Fluid controls for the oil and gas industry
  • Manual and actuated valves for pipeline, oil and gas and general industries
  • Instrumentation and fittings to general industry

Within these fields we design, manufacture, install, repair, test and supply complete systems and individual components. Our core expertise allows us to work in many other related fields and we expect to add capabilities as we continue to grow.

Our primary objective is to consistently deliver goods and services which:-

  • meet our customers quality expectations as well as all relevant legal, standard, technical and operational requirements;
  • perform their intended function in a safe manner;
  • reinforce our corporate objective of building long term relationships based on honesty and trust;
  • enhance our reputation in the marketplace so that customers recognise us as the leader in our fields of expertise.

To achieve our objectives, we will continue to invest in high quality staff and provide them with sufficient training, supervision and resources to perform their duties in a safe and effective manner.

We have developed processes and tools over many years which distinguish our products and services as being of excellent quality. These are embodied in our ISO9001 Management System which will continue to be improved as a responsibility and priority of all managers and staff.

We will also ensure that managers and staff are aware of and meet environmental and occupational health and safety legislative requirements, whether working at the customer’s or at our premises. Finally, HIFraser will not tolerate harassment or discrimination in its workplace.

We will maintain our high standards as we continue to grow into the future. We will do this by giving our staff responsibility for adhering to, and improving, our Management System and for improving our skills as new business opportunities arise. Refer to the HIFraser Group Management System Manual for information on the company’s Quality Objectives and their monitoring.

Jeff McDonald
Operations Director
22 May 2017

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