HIFraser is committed to fulfilling its safety obligations and responsibilities. Our future success depends on healthy, effective employees and satisfied customers, therefore we must ensure that our workplace is as safe as possible and that we deliver safe product to our customers.

To achieve our safety objectives:

  • We will maintain a comprehensive WHS Management System as part of an integrated WHS/Quality Management System which complies with legislative requirements, AS4801 and industry best practices for our Sydney and Perth operations. This includes ensuring that goods and services delivered to the customer always meet relevant safety standards and legal requirements.
  • We have adopted a risk management approach to hazard identification, risk assessment and control.
  • We communicate and consult with employees and their representatives on their WHS obligations and matters which affect their health and safety.
  • All personnel must take reasonable care for their own health and safety, the health and safety of others and comply and co-operate with reasonable policies and instructions.
  • All personnel shall promote safety and eliminate preventable injuries and work-related illness by maintaining a safe work environment.
  • We maintain measurable WHS objectives and targets at all levels of the business (i.e. office, workshop and on-site) aimed at continuously improving our WHS performance to reduce incidents and injuries.
  • Managers must ensure that all hazards in the workplace are identified and all risks are controlled by every means including staff training.
  • We conduct WHS Management System audits, Toolbox Talks and regular workplace inspections to inform Managers where improvements are necessary.
  • We will take timely action to rectify, resolve and prevent the recurrence of WHS incidents.

HIFraser’s Management Team commit sufficient resources to ensure that we achieve our safety objectives.

Jeff McDonald
Operations Director
22 May 2017

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