EVAC is a European world-leading provider of combined water and waste management systems, as well as corrosion-protection systems for the marine, offshore and building industries. EVAC’s advanced solutions and services have been assisting guiding global players in these industries to considerably lessen their environmental footprint for 40 years.

EVAC considers sustainability to be the foundation of all operations. With trends surrounding climate change, the desire for energy efficiency and increasingly scarce fresh water resources, technologies have been created that address the need for cutting-edge cleantech solutions.

Working closely with related authorities and standard bodies, EVAC’s systems meet and often surpass the requirements of the applicable global and local environmental regulations.

Together with EVAC, HIFraser has access to over 50 years of collective, worldwide experience in vacuum toilets, vacuum collection systems and vacuum drainage systems. We know how to make the collection of wastewater and condensates both environmentally sustainable and economically efficient.

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