Dating back to 1882, up until two decades ago Vacuum Drainage and Sewer Technology was mainly used on airplanes, ships and trains.

Today Vacuum Sewers are available for a wide range of applications in building, municipal, marine and rail sectors with a guarantee of higher return on investment, lower environmental impact and lower maintenance costs compared to the traditional gravity systems, if you get it right.

Vacuum Drainage and Sewer Systems is the key capability of our Environmental Solutions Department.

Together with our international partners EVAC and ISEKI-Redivac, we have access to over 50 years of collective world-wide experience in vacuum toilets and vacuum drainage systems.

Equipped with the best available Vacuum Sewer Technology and offering a complete range of services from design, engineering and installation of new systems to maintenance, trouble-shooting and through-life support of the existing systems, we know how to make vacuum waste collection solutions work for you.

We provide services to all building, marine and municipal sectors throughout Australia and the Oceania region.