HIFraser is proud to announce our exclusive collaboration with Elogen for the production of green hydrogen in Australia and New Zealand.

Elogen is a leader in PEM electrolysis, specialising in the design and fabrication of electrolysers to produce green hydrogen.

As part of this collaboration, HIFraser will locally assemble the balance-of-plant of Elogen’s state-of the-art electrolysers and will adapt them to Australian standards and the requirements of customers in the region. HIFraser will also accompany the customers with maintenance support after delivery of the electrolysis units.

The global decarbonisation of industry requires significant technological advancements, among which green hydrogen will play a key role. In Australia and New Zealand, the potential applications for green hydrogen production are myriad and varied, ranging from uses such as stored renewable energy in industries such as mining, oil and gas to carbon-free fuel for transport and defence.

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