HIFraser is excited to announce a partnership with Flex Force to provide deployable surveillance solutions that protect our defence forces. Founded in 2009 in the United States, Flex Force specialises in robotics, signal processing and software development, focussing on two patent technologies – Dronebuster and ASP.

The Dronebuster is a compact, lightweight and cost effective Counter Unmanned Aerial System (CUAS) tool that can defeat Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) drone threats. The only handheld electronic attack system authorised by the U.S. Department of Defence, this unit can be readily converted from a fixed site system into a man-portable jammer for dismounted troops, security teams and first responders to use during fluid, fast paced encounters.

The ASP is a gyro-stabilised remote control weapons mount, combining the accuracy of a remote weapon station with the situational awareness of a manual mount. The ASP can be operated in either crew-served or remote mode without a requirement to spend critical time making adjustments to the system settings.

Having serviced the Australian Defence Force for 70 years, HIFraser is proud to become Flex Force’s Australian in-country partner, further complementing our highest quality product and service standards.

Dronebuster Datasheet
ASP Datasheet

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