HIFraser Group is celebrating our 35th anniversary under the ownership of the Kirkby family.

Founded by Hugh Ian Fraser in Tasmania in 1955 as a general engineering outfit, it secured its first big agency with Hale Hamilton by providing valves and maintenance for Australian Navy ships.

After growing in Australian defence and heavy industry for over 30 years, HIFraser was bought by the Kirkby Family in November 1987, with just 5 employees under its banner.

Since then, we have grown immensely as an organisation. This has been through consistent business development and through the acquisition of some amazing companies including Aquip Systems, Aquip Flowservices, Pipeline Actuation Control and Eastern Automation.

35 years on, we have become an organisation of 117 employees with offices nation-wide. We offer a vast range of capabilities and products from our core design & engineering to waste solutions, ground support equipment, actuated valves, mechanical automation and industrial instrumentation (just to name a few). We also work across most of Australia’s national critical industries including defence, mining, oil & gas, construction and water sectors

Throughout their 35 years at the helm, the Kirkby’s have shown relentless commitment to the family values of this business, and have made our Group a highly successful, profitable business, made of niche products and services that we back up with a team of very special people. They ensure that the company gives back to its employees and provides opportunities to develop wherever possible.


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