HIFraser is proud to announce that through collaboration with our exclusive global partner EVAC, we have obtained Watermark certification for our range of class leading vacuum toilets. Introducing a new technical standard for vacuum toilet technology is a leap forward in providing hydraulic consultants and architects with a mechanism to specify and install amenities that exceed any current benchmarks in water efficiency and environmental sustainability.

EVAC vacuum toilets are currently in operation on multiple sites throughout Australasia and can add significant benefit to the following building applications:

  • Green Star and net positive water usage projects
  • Heritage buildings
  • Short-schedule commercial fitouts
  • Temporary, mobile and modular structures
  • Supermarkets to eliminate cost of trenching and core holing during regular remodelling
  • Facilities requiring dedicated or protected waste flows, i.e., nuclear or hazardous waste handling sites
  • Correctional centres for enhanced security
  • Sites below sewer level to reduce or eliminate wet wells
  • Projects where under-slab access is limited – data centres, shopping centres, train stations and airports
  • Sites with large instantaneous flow rates – stadiums, theatres, universities.

The EVAC vacuum toilet offers the following advantages:

  • The quietest flush operation on the market
  • No electrical connections required
  • Low Water Consumption – 0.9L per flush
  • Reliable operation with flush memory
  • Vacuum-Guard technology
  • Easy to clean and maintain

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