Project Summary

HIFraser have a successful history in supplying sampling skids across complex projects.

For over 60 years, we have been designing skids to accommodate various mediums and operating pressures. It was this previous experience that allowed us the opportunity to provide a unique sampling station for hydrochloric acid, a medium which is incompatible with commonly used materials.



Hydrochloric Acid Sampling Skid

Project Overview

  • The HIFraser Engineering team was approached to design and manufacture a sampling skid for hydrochloric acid.
  • To meet the customer’s requirements, our team began extensive skid research & design. HIFraser were able to propose two design options to the customer using instrumentation manufactured from specialised materials.

Project Challenges

  • One of the design options had a longer lead time on components. The customer had an urgent need for this particular skid.
  • Based on this, we proceeded with the design of the sampling station using our in-house 3D modelling software to produce a detailed 3D model. Having a 3D model of the design allows us to produce an accurate bill of materials and manage procurement efficiently, which is crucial when exotic materials come into play and the project timeline is tight.

Project Results

  • The HIFraser Engineering team used in-house engineering expertise and an extensive supplier database to source materials compatible with the corrosive medium being sampled on this skid.
  • We delivered the sampling skid on time and in line with all of the customers’ requirements. In addition, our team performed all the necessary factory acceptance testing at our WA facility, including testing of pneumatic and hydrochloric acid sampling systems on the skid.
  • Since its completion, the panel has been installed onsite and has been operating successfully.
  • HIFraser has since been approached to design, build and test numerous other sampling stations for the same customer.

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