Project Summary

The HIFraser Engineering team delivered an improved PAX design to a mining client.

Our team provided a more compact modular design for the client, using our design capabilities and extensive supplier database.



Chemical Dosing Skid

Project Overview

  • The HIFraser Engineering team were approached by a mining client who were looking to expand their existing chemical dosing capabilities.
  • To meet the customer’s requirements, our team began working on a PAX (Potassium Amyl Xanthate) dosing skid.
  • The additional equipment was scheduled to arrive on site during the planned shut-down.

Project Challenges

  • Working within a global pandemic added additional complications when shipping in equipment from overseas suppliers.
  • Our client requested to expand their current dosing capacity by adding four dosing lines. Unfortunately, if they were to expand based on their existing design and equipment, they would not have enough space in their current bunded area to fit the additional lines.

Project Results

  • Using our design capabilities and extensive supplier database, the HIFraser Engineering team provided a more compact modular design for the client.
  • The improved design allowed our client to increase their dosing capacity using their existing bunded area.
  • Our team’s proposed design also had fewer leak points than the existing design, which given the flammable nature of the dosing acid, was a large improvement on the existing design.
  • We delivered the sampling skid on time and in line with all of the customers’ requirements. In addition, our team performed all the necessary factory acceptance testing at our WA facility.

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