Project Summary

The HIFraser team delivered a class-wide upgrade to Navy ship breathing air systems.

Our team designed, manufactured, installed and commissioned an upgrade to ensure safe, breathing quality air on ships in both Perth and Sydney.



Navy Ship Breathing Air Systems Upgrade

Project Overview

  • An integral part of a Navy ship’s Damage Control response is its capability to replenish its crew’s self-contained breathing apparatus via high pressure breathing air systems.
  • Both ships of class were found to be consistently producing air with contaminants that exceeded the safe levels for breathing air quality.
  • The HIFraser team performed an engineering audit and designed modifications to the system, including an upgrade to the filtration system, to meet the required breathing air quality specifications.
  • Our specialist hyperbaric technicians in Perth and Sydney manufactured, installed and commissioned the systems on the ships and the laboratory analysis results confirm that the produced air now meets the safe quality standards.

Project Challenges

  • Whilst retro-fitting the existing systems, other issues were encountered which meant that our engineers and technicians had to perform further analysis, calculations and design work to upgrade other parts of the piping system to meet Australian standards and Class Rules.

Project Results

  • The breathing air now meets the required specification which means that the ship can use damage control breathing apparatus.
  • The upgrades also ensure that the system is safe and makes it easier to operate and maintain for the future.

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