Project Summary

HIFraser was awarded the Integrated Logistic Support (ILS) contract for Royal Australian Navy (RAN) Hyperbarics.

For over 20 years, HIFraser has provided the Integrated Logistic Support (ILS) for Royal Australian Navy (RAN) Hyperbarics. This contract provided engineering and logistic support services to the Mine Warfare and Clearance Diving Systems Program Office (MCDSPO). This organisation is the Engineering Authority for all RAN Hyperbaric equipment. MCDSPO is responsible for the approval of all design and maintenance related issues including the provision of engineering, safety and technical support on such equipment.

The ILS contract was established to outsource technical and engineering skills to assist in providing the necessary support for the RAN’s hyperbaric equipment and its users.

During the process of completing the ILS contract we quickly identified the need to develop an ongoing technical support network (TSN) that our client could turn to. Our engineering consulting department established a technical support network that included access to original equipment manufacturers (OEM). As a result it continually improved the levels of service and response times in support of the Navy’s hyperbaric equipment and related issues.

The contract also allowed our engineering group to establish excellent communication networks between all groups involved with the RAN’s hyperbaric equipment (including users, suppliers, repairers and other logistic support contractors).

Although this contract was for the Royal Australian Navy, we brought to it a wealth of knowledge gained from around the world. Over time our engineering consulting department has built on relationships with a worldwide network of subject matter experts. This has allowed us access to current best practices, knowledge and technology. It also enables us to provide top-level services relating to the safe and effective use in all areas of hyperbarics.



Integrated Logistics Support Services – The Royal Australian Navy

Project Details

Logistic support services for the following hyperbaric equipment:

  1. RAN 10 man hyperbaric chambers
  2. RAN damage control breathing apparatus
    • Open Circuit Compressed Air Breathing Apparatus (OCCABA) units
    • Emergency Life Support Respiratory Device (ELSRD) units
  3. RAN ship’s diving and clearance diving team’s
    • Equipment and systems
    • SCUBA 200 bar (Air)
    • SCUBA 300 bar (Air)
    • Surface Supplied Breathing Apparatus (SSBA)
    • SCUBA (oxygen)
    • SCUBA (mixed gas)
  4. Hyperbaric ancillary equipment
    • Ships diving buoyancy compensating devices (BCD)
    • Minimum magnetic BCD
    • Portable breathing air compressors units (BACU)
    • Fixed breathing air compressors
    • Air-driven, gas booster pumps
    • Manually driven, gas booster pumps
    • Oxygen and other gas analysers
    • Flexible hoses
    • Pressure indicators
    • Mine lift bags and salvage bags
    • Oxygen and mixed gas compressors
  5. Ships and establishments
    • Oxygen and mixed gas cylinder charging facilities
    • Breathing air cylinder charging systems
    • Oxygen and mixed gas systems for supply to BIBS masks
    • Breathing air systems for recompression chamber operations
    • Gas quality monitoring and detection systems
    • Compressor and gas booster systems
    • Gas storage systems

Services Provided

The services provided under the contract included:

• Configuration management including design changes
• Design authority/design approval authority
• Logistic support analysis
• Safety programs
• External (depot level) planned maintenance
• Repairs of equipment/systems
• Identification of obsolescence and redundancy with rectifications
• Maintenance plans
• Technical documentation
• Supply support and spare parts procurement
• Support and test equipment
• Documentation storage and library
• Identification of errors and defects in the documentation stored
• Information database maintenance
• Information/documentation distribution and control and
• Professional naval design resource


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