Project Summary

We were awarded the task to supply the EVAC vacuum collection system for this iconic building.

With the system primarily being utilised to collect trade waste discharge from mid and high level base building services, the EVAC vacuum collection system allows the building owner to offer 100% Net Leasable Space (NLS) on sub tenancy fit‐outs by providing vacuum access points on each level to collect from any installed hydraulic service.

This has provided tenants with full flexibility on placement of services with no requirement to penetrate the slab during ongoing refits after the building has been completed.

Tenants have the option to install toilets, showers, basins or kitchenettes almost anywhere on the floor plate.



Sydney Office Building, 1 Bligh Street


Grocon Pty Ltd

Project Details

  • 30 storeys
  • 42,000 square meters of floor space
  • 200m3 combined hydraulic and pneumatic (calculated on peak use)
  • Full 100% redundancy on complete collection plant including pumps, tanks and control panels.


EVAC vacuum drainage technology for subtenancy fit outs.

Project Overview

HIFraser was awarded the task of supplying a vacuum collection system for this iconic building with the primary use being to collect base building services. The Evac system was subsequently found to be the perfect solution for providing drainage to individual tenancies for their hydraulic services without the need to impact of the buildings complex structure. Connected services included:

• Level 29 cooling towers, boilers, chillers, and floor wastes
• Level 16 chillers and floor wastes
• Level 17 through 28 fit outs
• Scalability for connecting new services as required.


  • With easy access to the vacuum system through capped connections on each level, the building owner can offer access to 100% of the Net Lettable Area (NLA) on tenancy fit‐outs with no limitation on hydraulic services placement.
  • Since the vacuum drainage system lifts waste vertically, there is no requirement to penetrate the slab during ongoing refits after the building has been completed.
  • Using small bore piping, waste is quickly and efficiently transported overhead between existing services to the main vacuum riser and since there is no reliance on gravity, this can be done with very limited loss of grade.
  • The Evac vacuum technology and system design makes fitting out new tenancies simple offering 100% freedom in design and achieves 90 percent water recycling.

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