Project Summary

HIFraser delivered a vacuum drainage solution for a Sydney Police Station refurbishment.

During the recent renovation of a Sydney Police Station, local authorities had stipulated that the basement floor could not be impacted during works. Since the project required changes to the basement design to incorporate new holding cells including toilets and showers as well as custodial and processing facilities, EVAC vacuum drainage system was delivered to make the project possible.



Sydney Police Station – NSW Police

Project Details

  • Correctional toilets and showers
  • Vacuum floor drains
  • Staff amenities
  • Delivered increased control over waste collection and ensuring secure operation

System Details

  • Demand – 45m3/hr combined hydraulic and pneumatic (calculated on peak use)
  • Redundancy required – 100% redundancy in pumps
  • Connected services – Correctional toilets and showers as well as vacuum floor drains and staff amenities
  • Installation time – HIFraser was able to meet and exceed expected equipment lead times through intensive supply chain management


  • Provides increased security and control and eliminates the toilet as a means of disposing contraband and weapons
  • Intentional misuse or vandalism is isolated to individual cells and does not affect the entire system.
  • Sustainable design reduces water usage and sewage costs
  • Eliminates the need for and the cost of under slab gravity waste piping
  • Reduces installation time and cost compared to under slab gravity waste piping
  • Makes last minute floor plan adjustments quick and easy
  • Eliminates blocked drains and odours from under slab waste piping
  • Provides a safe, reliable and easily maintained waste collection system

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