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DesignBreathing Air & Oxygen Service, Custom Manufacturing, Design & Construct

Royal Australian Navy hospital medical air system upgrade

Investigating and restoring capability to RAN hospital facilities. HIFraser conducted an...

DesignCustom Manufacturing, Design & Construct

Submarine Oily Water Separator

HIFraser was awarded the design and supply of a replacement Oily Water Separator (OWS) and bypass...

Design, Maintain & RepairBreathing Air & Oxygen Service, Diving Systems

Minehunter Coastal (MHC) Diving System

Over the past 25 years, HIFraser has held a critical role in the design, manufacture and...

DesignIntegrated Logistics Support

Royal Australian Navy Air Test

How our air analysis keeps the Royal Australian Navy safe Over the past 13 years, HIFraser has held...

Design, Maintain & RepairVacuum Waste System Maintenance

HMAS ANZAC Class Frigate mid-life upgrade

HIFraser was awarded the task of assisting BAE with the mid-life upgrade of the ANZAC Class Frigate...

DesignIntegrated Logistics Support

Royal Australian Navy support network

HIFraser was awarded the Integrated Logistic Support (ILS) contract for Royal Australian Navy (RAN)...

DesignDesign & Construct

HMAS Penguin Redevelopment

Working under a redevelopment certainly has its challenges. This project was no different. We liken...

DesignDesign & Construct

Submarine Escape and Rescue Service (SERS)

Worked with the Royal Australian Navy to upgrade their Submarine Escape and Rescue Service...

Waste SolutionsVacuum Waste System Design

Sydney Police Station

HIFraser delivered a vacuum drainage solution for a Sydney Police Station refurbishment. During the...

Waste SolutionsVacuum Waste System Design

Sydney Childcare Centre

HIFraser developed a vacuum drainage solution for a Sydney Childcare project planned for...

Design, Waste SolutionsVacuum Waste System Design, Vacuum Waste System Maintenance

Victorian Supermarket

Improving vacuum collection systems reliability by up to 70%. HIFraser was awarded the task of...

DesignDesign & Construct

State Water NSW turnkey solution

After 45 years in service, State Water (NSW) sought to upgrade the original hydraulic control...

Waste SolutionsVacuum Waste System Maintenance

6 Star Office Building

We were awarded the task to supply the EVAC vacuum collection system for this iconic building. With...


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