H.I.Fraser prides itself on quality workmanship and impeccable service and nothing confirms these attributes more than repeat business from one of the largest companies in the world.

H.I.Fraser has been contracted multiple times by BHP Petroleum to engineer and manufacture their Wellhead Control Cabinets.

We were set the task to design a system to work in one of the harshest climates of the world with some of the strictest quality control requirements in the industry.

Our engineering expertise within the project

Although the panel is primarily mechanical there was an electrical interface panel which we were required to manufacture.

H.I.Fraser’s wide range of disciplines allowed us to complete this project without issue, including the following tasks:

  • Electrical Engineering
  • Instrumentation Engineering
  • 2D and 3D drafting
  • Tube and Mechanical fitting
  • Innovation and Experience.

Offering the complete package

Once H.I.Fraser were awarded the contract to manufacture the new cabinets our engineering and design team studied the requirements for the system and put together our detailed design, this included the P&ID, data on all products to be used and outlines on documentation required for the Manufacturers Data Report (MDR) and Factory Acceptance Test (FAT).

When all preliminary docs had been signed off by both H.I.Fraser and the client our procurement team went to work ordering in all the components ready for the fabrication and population of the unit.

During the design the client advised that they would like to make an alteration to their wells due to unreliable instrumentation gas on site. The client was forced to change the Wing, Master and Choke valves in their well to Hydraulically actuated in place of the original Pneumatically actuated valves. H.I.Fraser was required to ascertain whether the existing system could handle the extra load and despite the additional components, the system only required a few small changes to cope with the new demands.

Once the unit was complete H.I.Fraser ran through the required Factory Acceptance Testing and organised seaworthy crates for transport of the new units. When the units were ready for shipping H.I.Fraser supplied the MDR which included all required documentation for the project.

A job WELL done

Since this project H.I.Fraser has been asked by BHP to solve further issues with their instrument gas and continues to foster a healthy relationship with them.

All projects are given this much attention no matter how large or small. Let H.I.Fraser take the stress out of your current issues by bringing expertise and a fresh outlook to solve your challenges.