Pipeline Actuation & Control (part of HIFraser Group) have been Australian representatives for Douglas Chero for over 10 years.

Douglas Chero was formed in 1975 to meet the demand for high quality forged valves in petroleum refining and production plants, offshore oil and gas fields, the power industry, fertilizer, chemical and desalination plants throughout the world.

Over the years Douglas Chero have increased capacity from 3,000 valves per month in 1974 to 40,000 valves per month currently in their new 25,000 sq.m. facility which contains modern state of the art machining facilities and manufacturing technology.

Pipeline Actuation & Control have an extensive knowledge of Douglas Chero product range across a variety of applications including oil & gas, mining, commercial gas, CNG, petrochemical, power generation, shipping, marine and pharmaceutical industries.

Pipeline Actuation & Control have supplied Douglas Chero valves to oil & gas projects big and small in every corner of Australia, including Gorgon, Ichthys, Yolla and Kipper projects.

Our engineers work hand in hand with Douglas Chero’s technical support team to ensure that the valve supplied meets all of your requirements.

Douglas Chero products include:


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