Conex Bänninger’s origins trace back more than 100 years as they are a leading innovator, manufacturer and specialist provider of high quality fittings and valves for plumbing, heating, air conditioning and refrigeration. The Conex Bänninger brand offers a wide and diverse range of products and solutions with many ranges uniquely designed for specialised applications.

Located in Germany, Conex Bänninger’s innovative approach has led to landmark achievements in product design. Their product knowledge, expertise and quality standards are trusted across residential, commercial, industrial, air conditioning and refrigeration markets.

The company combines its longstanding expertise and heritage with forward thinking innovation as they create products that are adapted to changing industry requirements, whilst retaining the steadfast reliability central to the brand.

Consistent quality, professional expertise within applications and the constant flexibility to meet the different needs of the regions in which it operates has made Conex Bänninger the global leading company it is today.

Conex Bänninger constantly explores new ideas to ensure that they can offer the latest fitting technologies. Their press and push ranges take the lead in quick-to-fit, flame-free solutions, but traditional technologies such as end feed, compression, braze and threaded fittings are as relevant and as indispensable.

HIFraser is proud to be Conex Bänninger’s Australian in-country partner. We supply Conex Bänninger parts and provide maintenance of existing Conex Bänninger systems throughout Australia and the Oceania region.


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