HIFraser is proud to be Autronica’s Australian in-country partner.

For 60 years, Autronica has been a leading innovator, manufacturer and supplier of fire and gas safety worldwide. Through technology, process and service, Autronica works to eradicate danger produced by fire and gas, protecting people and property at all times.


Autronica specialises in fire and gas detection systems, presentation systems, voice alarm systems, fire suppression systems and omicron special detection. Their products guarantee safety in applications on land, sea and in the Petrochemical, Oil and Gas sectors.


Autronica’s product range is specially developed to meet the most demanding market segments in the world and target high complexity vessels like cruise, LNG, LPG, FPSO, RO-Pax and similar.


The Petrochemical, Oil and Gas markets are another important benchmark regarding standard, quality and life cycle cost. Autronica use the same equipment to cover high-end industry onshore like the power sector, hospitals and high-end hotels.


HIFraser supply Autronica parts and provide maintenance of existing Autronica systems throughout Australia and the Oceania region.

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