GUINAULT was founded over 70 years ago, where at the time, they mainly supplied continuous electric current at 28 volts to airplanes.

In the early 1970s, GUINAULT manufactured the first 400Hz ground power unit produced in France for the Boeing 707, which was a novelty on French soil. In the early 1990s GUINAULT manufactured the first multi-voltage GPU, based on multi-coil alternators. In 2000, GUINAULT designed the variable speed electronically controlled pneumatic starting unit (ASU), while the first 400 Hz static converter was designed and produced in 2001. In 2010, GUINAULT jointly designed a unique, ultra-compact and electronically controlled air conditioning unit for military applications with a refrigeration partner and developed a complete range.

GUINAULT machines are deployed on five continents in 125 countries, including the U.S, the United Arab Emirates, Germany, Singapore, Brazil, Japan, etc.

More than a manufacturer of equipment, GUINAULT ensures through its proposed solutions that aircraft engines (and auxiliary engines such as APU) are no longer used on the ground, significantly reducing the environmental impact and operating costs of the airlines.

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