Nova Swiss

For over 40 years, Nova Swiss has designed, manufactured and distributed worldwide components, systems and installations for high-pressure applications up to 10,000 bar.

Known for its research and development, the company is a leading manufacturer of high-pressure components, supplying major companies in a range of industries including Hydrogen, Oil, Hydraulics, Petrochemistry, Food Processing, Hydro-Processing, Water-Jet Cutting, Aeronautics, Automotive and Mechanical Engineering. They also provides installations for ultra-pure gas applications.

Located in Zurich, Switzerland, the team have strong experience surrounding the maintenance of high-pressure systems and critical components. Nova Swiss also has excellent experience in the supply of valves and high pressure piping components in Hydrogen Refuelling stations at working pressures of up to 1,000 bar.

Flexibility, short processing times, efficient management and planning, combined with dynamic team spirit and a highly qualified workforce, are the distinguishing hallmarks of Nova Swiss.

HIFraser is proud to be Nova Swiss’ Australian in-country partner. We supply Nova Swiss parts and provide maintenance of existing Nova Swiss systems throughout Australia and the Oceania region.

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