Versa Valves

HIFraser is proud to be Versa Valves’ Australian in-country partner.

Versa designs, manufactures and delivers valves and related accessories to meet application-critical specifications.

With more than 70 years of experience, Versa specialises in valve automation and fluid power. Versa creates numerous valve combinations accessible to organisations, guaranteeing an unsurpassed solution for each application.

Working within Oil & Gas, Mobile Pneumatics, Bulk Handling, Pulp & Paper, Woodworking, Chemical, Utility, Food or Municipal Services applications, Versa are renowned for the ongoing reliability of their products.

Versa’s extensive product range includes:

We understand that managing offshore assets relies on quality valves to safely maintain process control. By partnering with Versa Valves, we can provide you with superior valves so your offshore applications access exact valve combinations you need to confidently control offshore wellheads & systems.

Versa provides an ongoing commitment to service and support the customer and their needs effectively and efficiently. As Versa operates on a 99% on-time delivery record, they offer a 10-year warranty on all of their products, providing you with the confidence that these valves will perform for many years without failure.

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