As the Australian in-country partner for Curtiss-Wright Valve Group, HIFraser supplies high quality strainers designed for a variety of applications.

These strainers are currently available as Y-type with Y-pattern body and basket type with straight pattern body.

As filters for ships seawater inlet, strainers hold a strainer basket that comes in different mesh sizes depending on the required penetration. The convenient design of these strainers allows them to sit in front of more delicate components including pumps and valves. This removes any potentially harmful impurities prior to reaching more fragile elements of machinery improving the overall lifecycle.

Y-strainers are used to remove solids from liquid, gas or steam applications in small volumes. They are also used for seawater cooling of sonar, radar, close in weapons systems, as well as lube oil systems, firemain systems and fuel filtration systems.

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