Magazine sprinkler valves are used in seawater fire systems.

They operate by rate of rise heating sensors in either “dry type” or “wet type” systems, flooding the magazine in the event of fire or extreme heat.

As an Australian in-country partner for Cla-Val, we carry a comprehensive range of speciality marine products available in stainless steel and other materials to specific marine environments.

Cla-Val Magazine Sprinkling Valves are designed and manufactured for shipboard fire protection and hangar deck sprinkling systems. These hydraulic valves provide dependable, accurate and responsive performance while requiring little maintenance. The valves are built to the exacting standards of navies from around the world.

Cla-Val’s marine products are:

  • Shock and vibration tested
  • Castings in a wide range of materials including stainless steel
  • Produced in USA
  • Supplied to the US Navy since the 1940s

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