Our specialty for more than 20 years, PAC can design and build actuated valves to your requirement.  Actuated valves enable unmanned and automatic operation.  Actuated valves typically accept a signal from a Process Control System (PCS) or Safety Instrumented System (SIS), and enable quick and reliable opening or closing depending on the process or saftey function required.  Please contact us today for any enquiries you may have regarding actuated valves.  As our name implies, “Pipeline Actuation & Control” is not just who we are, it’s what we do.

Pipeline valves, sometimes called Main Line Valves or MLV’s are typically installed at strategic locations along a high pressure buried pipeline.  Often supplied in fully welded design for buried service and typically using the pipeline pressure for actuator motive power in remote locations, pipeline valves are ready open, close or remain in position upon the given pneumatic, hydraulic or electrical signal.


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