Our specialty for more than 20 years, PAC can design and build actuated valves to your requirement.  Actuated valves enable unmanned and automatic operation.  Actuated valves typically accept a signal from a Process Control System (PCS) or Safety Instrumented System (SIS), and enable quick and reliable opening or closing depending on the process or safety function required.  Please contact us today for any enquiries you may have regarding actuated valves.  As our name implies, “Pipeline Actuation & Control” is not just who we are, it’s what we do.

Emergency Shutdown Valves provided by PAC are typically ball valves coupled with an actuator and associated control system that ensures that when the signal is recieved from the PCS or SIS or in the event of some other failure or emergency trigger, the valve is forced into the closed position thereby “shutting down” the associated downstream system.  Emergency shutdown valves are part of safety critical systems and therefore often have increased safety factors applied to their design, they often also incorperate a latching re-set system, thereby ensuring that after an emergency event occurs, the system cannot be unintentionally set back into operation.  PAC can design and built an approproate emergency shutdown control system appropriate to your emergency  philosophy of design.


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