HIFraser is an exclusive Australian in-country partner for high quality marine pump providers:

Azcue Pumps
For over 100 years, Azcue Pumps has been a leading provider of competitive, quick turnaround and high quality pumps. HIFraser offers a full range of Azcue pumps for marine applications providing spare parts support and technical assistance including vibration analysis, thermography and laser alignment.

Herborner Pumps
Being an exclusive in-country partner for Herborner, HIFraser offers a wide range of pumps, including marine sewage applications throughout Australia and New Zealand. Shock-and vibration-proof, Herborner pumps are specifically designed for maximum performance in challenging operating conditions on-board ships, cruisers and naval vessels. The Herborner marine waste water pump range is suitable for pumping contaminated fluids incorporating particle sizes up to 80mm in diameter. They can also be used in explosion-prone areas and ensure seamless operation of wastewater and sewage systems. HIFraser offers a full range of Herborner pumps for all applications, provides spare parts support and technical assistance, including vibration analysis and thermography.

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