As the exclusive Australian in-country partner for Lorowerk GmbH, HIFraser supply pipe work and fittings to service gravity and vacuum discharge for ships and ship building.

LORO-X Steel Discharge Pipes
Made from galvanised steel with an additional inside coating, these pipes are approved for use with grey/black water systems.

LORO-XCL Stainless Steel Discharge Pipes
With their engineered socket, connections incorporate various sealing elements for differing stress patterns and are corrosion-proof. These stainless steel pipes are used for chemical loaded waste water upon ships.

Advantages of these pipe work systems include the following:

  • Durable with low weight
  • Incombustible
  • Resistant to extreme temperatures
  • Easy assembly
  • No screwing, gluing or welding required
  • Not sensitive to vibration
  • Minimal fastening effort
  • One system for gravity and vacuum discharge
  • Internationally approved

The following Lorowerk fittings are also supplied by HIFraser:

LORO-X socket 5
A two-step socket with the upper chamber containing the sealing element. The lower chamber protects the pipeline from buckling. This product has been used successfully for waste water pipes and pressure pipes.

LORO-X sealing element
Designed as a lip collar to be inserted in the upper socket chamber. When pressure increases on the inside of the pipe, the sealing element lips are compressed tightly against the pipe walls.


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