Together with our international partner EVAC, H.I. Fraser have access to collective world-wide experience in designing, supplying and servicing sewage treatment systems for the marine environment.

Using the latest technologies allows us to tailor-make systems to suit every individual requirement and provide both environmentally sustainable and economically efficient solutions.

The two main types of sewage treatment plants we offer are biological and physicochemical. 

The key features of EVAC’s Advanced Membrane Bio-Reactor (MBR):

Fulfils IMO MEPC 159(55) requirements

Low power consumption

No dilution water required

No disinfection required

No dechlorination required

10+ years expected lifetime for membranes

Low operation costs.

The quality of effluent is extremely high in all sea conditions and exceeds all current specifications.

H.I.Fraser also supply spare parts and service all EVAC equipment. Check the Online Catalogue or contact us.


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