HIFraser is the Australian in-country partner for EVAC, the world’s leading supplier of advanced vacuum toilets.

The EVAC 910 wall and floor vacuum toilet provides two options for mounting, depending on requirements.

Benefits of this EVAC model includes:

  • The quietest vacuum toilet on the market
  • Hygienic
  • Low consumption of water
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Pneumatic flush mechanism
  • Flush memory
  • Vacuum sensor

The latest EVAC 910 models are simple plug and play (just connect the vacuum line and water supply), capable of operating under high vacuum to give vertical lifts of up to 6m, have click in replaceable operating components, flush memory and incorporate technology to make them the quietest in the market. As with all EVAC vacuum toilets, the flush volume is just 1.2 litres.
HIFraser stock complete toilets and toilet spare parts in our Perth and Sydney warehouses as well as spares or conversion kits for the majority of EVAC’s older model toilets. We also support EVAC’s specialty vacuum toilets including stainless steel shock approved versions, squatting style toilets and the EVAC Classic vacuum toilets designed for merchant vessels.

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