HIFraser supply the EVAC MiniVac and HQE collection units to the Australian building sector.

EVAC HQE vacuum units offer high flow rates for both black and grey water which results in reduced costs, lower resources and energy requirements.

The energy consumption of the vacuum tank units is 50% lower compared to competing technology. The EVAC MiniVAC vacuum station is dedicated to condensate collection from supermarket frozen cases, air conditioners and evaporators.

The system’s vacuum pumps are connected to the collection tank and then to the pipe network, ensuring a constant level of vacuum throughout the system. Pump operation is regulated with an electronic measurement system. The collection tank, equipped with level control, receives condensate water from the pipe network via two inlet connections. When necessary, the vacuum pumps are stopped and the discharge pump is activated, emptying the tank into the sewage system.

The system comprises:

  • 500 litre collection tank
  • Two liquid ring vacuum pumps
  • Plastic water cooling tank
  • Discharge pump
  • Control panel
  • Anti-shock coated frame mount
  • Two inlet connections ready to be connected to PVC network pipes (DN65/PN16) and one discharge line PVC DN50

Benefits of these systems include:

  • Competitively priced
  • Small footprint
  • Simple, robust design
  • High reliability with vacuum reserve for continuous operation without valve delay
  • More flexibility in the unit location with the discharge pump

HIFraser also supply spare parts and service all EVAC equipment.

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