As the Australian in-country partner for Autronica, we carry a comprehensive range of specialist gas & flame detection products for the marine environment.

AutroMaster Maritime Edition is designed to meet IMO requirements for fire detection systems that are handling gas and flame detection, the control of fire doors via dedicated alarm and fault messages to the on-board Voyage Data Recorder.

AutroSafe interactive fire detection system is designed for use in Commercial Marine and Oil & Gas industries with more than 15,000 installations worldwide both on and offshore.

AutoPrime is primarily designed for gas and flame detection within the merchant ships’ market.

Key benefits include:

  • Simplified maintenance – Detectors automatically perform a cal¬ibrated test every 24 hours to verify that sensitivity is in line with standards.
  • Simplified commissioning – The system will operate with full func¬tionality from the first initialisation.
  • Simplified operation – Detectors have unique built-in addresses which is displayed in the case of an alarm or a deviation from normal operation, ultimately saving time in trou-bleshooting.

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