H.I.Fraser are suppliers of the latest Herborner WATERblue series pumps. These pumps are used for private, indoor, outdoor, and adventure swimming pools, water parks, hotel and cruise ship facilities for water slides and attractions.

The range we supply and service incudes:

–      pumps with integrated hair and fibre filter that are particularly suited to the delivery and filtering of bath water, fresh water, sea water, industrial water, and other liquids contaminated by coarse materials;

–      pumps with heat exchange motors that leads to considerable savings in heating costs and heat reduction of the machinery room, by transferring the motor’s waste heat directly to the pool water for heating with a low level of noise emissions;

–      low capacity pumps designed as a self-priming feed pump with an integrated in-line filter, well-suited for use in private, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, leisure complexes, heat recovery, industrial plants, fountain systems, water slides and waterfall cascades.

Please view the brochures below for more technical details about Herborner pump selection and contact us to find out about other products we supply and related pump maintenance services H.I.Fraser provide Australia wide.


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